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Welcome to Dream Chaser Race Engines, the premier custom engine builder for Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, and other high horsepower classes. Specializing in made-to-order BBC combinations, Dream Chaser defines precision built performance!

While many engine builders take pride in their ability to mass produce a handful of combinations, Dream Chaser is proud to say that every engine, every build, and most importantly, every customer is unique.

The end result of this customized and highly personal approach is reliable horsepower and a level of customer service that simply can’t be matched.

Ray Martin EngineWhether you need your current power plant refreshed or you are looking for a fresh start, Dream Chaser Race Engines can help you find more efficient horsepower, quicker ETs, more MPH, and…The Winner’s Circle!

From exceptional race engines to personal track-side consultations and back-up engines – Dream Chaser Race Engines simply cannot be beat.

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How it all began…

As a clinical psychologist, Brad Klein brings a highly analytical mindset to each of his custom engine builds. While this approach comes natural to Brad and his team, it is precisely what separates Dream Chaser from the competition.

CamaroDespite never previously attending a drag race, Brad entered his first race at Amarillo Dragway in 1968. Before the night was over, Brad had set the local class record and won his first race. Since that time, he has set over thirty national records in multiple classes in the NHRA, IHRA, and AHRA.

Having tasted success during his first race, Brad continued to compete in local races and shortly thereafter started to build his own engines. As his reputation and trophy case grew, it became clear that there was significant demand for his quality craftsmanship. By 1972, shortly after completing graduate school, Brad found himself building engines for other racers out if his garage in Amarillo, Texas.

While his engine business was developing, Brad also found a great deal of success in private practice within a psychiatric hospital. In 1985, Brad left private practice and developed a psychiatric program for a general medical/surgical hospital along with the help of two business partners.

Danka FirebirdOver the course of the next several years, Brad bought out his two business partners and purchased his own hospital where the emphasis was on psychiatric care, substance abuse, and residential care for adolescents.

Although racing and his growing engine business were secondary concerns during this time, Dream Chaser quickly outgrew Brad’s garage and his first shop was opened in 1985. Following the sale of his psychiatric hospital, Dream Chaser Race Engines was moved to a state of the art, 9,000 square foot facility.

The greatest beneficiaries of Dream Chaser’s move to its current facility have clearly been the customers. With engine design being the sole focus of Brad’s meticulous and strategic approach to success, customers have set over thirty class and national records, won countless races, and multiple championships.

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Brad Klein

Brad Klein Racing Accomplishments & Timeline

1968 – Enters and wins his first race while also setting the class record at Amarillo Dragway
1970 – Starts developing race engines for his personal use
1972 – Begins building race engines for customers
1982 – Division 4 Champion (Competition Eliminator)
1985 – Division 5 Champion (Competition Eliminator)
1988 – Division 5 Champion (Competition Eliminator)
1990 – Campaigned the DANKA Copiers Pro Stock Firebird with the help of Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins, Dale Eiche, and Tony Christian
1990 – Built the Pro Stock car for Bruce Allen and Reher-Morrison Racing
2002 – Stopped racing Pro Stock to focus on engine design and racer support
Current – Builds and designs custom BBC race applications, consults with race teams, coaches drivers, and manages an engine and race operation leasing program